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bash/zsh functions for easier SSH signing and verification I have been using SSH signed git commits from 8 months and started signing things with my SSH key instead of PGP keys and thought to share how to do that more easily
Matrix abuse protection model for community maintainers: security by obscurity I am administrator or moderator in multiple communities in Matrix, the most sizable being 23 rooms + two spaces. I don’t have my own homeserver or Mjolnir. And I am tired.
Leaving Privacy Guides team was supposed to be the continuation of based on transparency/openess, actually reviewing recommendations and having at least two reviews by team members before un/recommending anything. That is no longer the case.
Inconsistency and privacy issues with Element, Matrix and Synapse Having used Matrix since 2016 and hearing about its greatness without any issues so much, I wish to correct some misconceptions. I attempt to provide citations for everything and not name any other solution. I cannot discuss administrating experience due to not having any with Matrix personally.
Android 9 Private DNS behaviour with 853 blocked & DoT server comparsion Since I first heard of Android 9 Private DNS I wondered how it will work when the port is blocked or there is a captive portal. I didn’t find this information anywhere and now that I have gotten the Android 9 Go update on my Nokia 1, I am able to type my own blog post about it.
dnscrypt-proxy v2 on Debian/Ubuntu quickly, dirtily DNSCrypt-proxy encrypts DNS queries that would otherwise go in plaintext ensuring that they won’t be seen or modified by anyone in the middle. It works as a localhost DNS server sending queries to configured DNS resolvers.
Autism or High Sensitivity: Sensory stimulus stress Sensory stimulus stress (aistiärsykestressi) is a word that you hear from me often if we are any closer. I have been planning typing this for some time now, so people would hopefully understand me better.
Post trans process, orchiectomy A little confusing flood of what my fingers brought up on the last past year and a little more.
Note to self: adjusting locales & why I have started using my devices in en_GB, but on PCs that can have issues with different types of different locales unless some things are borrowed from other locales.
On Facebook/my SOME policy My wellbeing is more imporant than whatever you do at SOME and I reserve the right to ignore you.
Autostarting tmux + WeeChat This is another note-to-self post, but I think other people might also be wondering this.
Short quickstart on tmux & WeeChat for GUIless support Sometimes you don’t have GUI when you need remote support, luckily you don’t need it even if you have only one device.
dnssec-trigger on Ubuntu (MATE 16.04) I haven’t ever gotten dnssec-trigger to work, but today based on IRC discussion, I finally understood what was wrong. & ASUS routers I am typing this, because there is a lot of misinformation on this, especially about the dynamic DNS part.
`SSID_optout_nomap` Anxiety is now focusing to WLAN mapping & key sharing and how easy it is to locate people.
I moved to Lauttasaari, Helsinki As this blog is so depressing and full of Kotka, I should mention that I moved to Lauttasaari (~5km from Helsinki centre) a few days ago.
Changing Display Manager (login screen) with Arch Linux Also applies to other distributions based on it, how do you change the display manager, aka login screen.
Using reflector in Arch my way Reflector is a tool that checks the most recently upgraded Arch Linux mirrors and ranks them by speed and saves them to your mirrorlist.
Quickstart with Atheme IRC Services (& forks) for end users Atheme IRC Services is the most used IRC service package. However many people have difficulties with registering a channel and then managing it, which I attempt to help with here. I start by explaining NickServ registration (and as a bonus HostServ) and then move to channel management and you just cannot talk about that without mentioning GroupServ too…
IPv6 There appears to be a lot of confusion on IPv6 and in this post I try to clear it a little.
Feelings or what is left unsaid about Kotkan keskuskoulu If you wanted to know about my current life situation, read something else as I have no life and this posts talks only about the haunting past.
My ufw (Ubuntu/Uncomplicated Firewall) config This post describes my UFW config and is here so I find it from somewhere and with hope that I am told if someone notices something terriby insecure here and is able to offer suggestions. This probably will never be perfect.
Private/Secret IRC channels People often wonder about this and I thought that I could probably write about this, how do you make IRC channel secret/private, either hiding it from other people or not letting others in.
(Un)Setting umodes As I have written more about umodes than I thought, I am breaking the posts setting/unsetting is documented here and I will link here from other posts.
WeeChat: ignoring with /filter Everyone knows the /ignore command, but there is also /filter which I feel is superiour.
Graduation As my blog is so full of suicidality and depression and how I won’t graduate, I probably must inform here that I have graduated according to YLE News.
A little more on my life More on my life and a little background on bots; also trigger warning about probably everything…
irc & ircs links Yet another note-to-self post, but these links are confusing, how do you make proper irc:// or ircs:// link?
Installing ZNC on Ubuntu from PPA Many people seem to be installing ZNC using some weird instructions and don’t ever upgrade after that. This is yet another unofficial install guide, but with this you should be able to upgrade too.
IRC over TLS is not pointless IRC over TLS is not pointless unless you only worry about things that you cannot affect at all. SSL is pointless, because of POODLE.
Keep the ops opped Why I think that you should keep the ops opped instead of following LiberaChat’s recommendations.
WeeChat: easy instructions for using SASL This seems to confuse many WeeChat users, so I will try to explain it more simply as I am repeating myself everywhere about this same thing.
Why I show channels that I am on at IRC? Or why am I using umode -iI and thus showing all channels that I am on at IRC? So you can find channels that may interest you if we have similar interests.
Little on my life currently A little on my life currently
Don't use DCC & How to disable it DCC was way to send files and chat without having IRC server in the between. It’s not very common nowadays and what is done nowadays is uploading images etc. to social media services or web servers or using other file transfer protocols.
ZNC 1.6.0 & SSL certificate verification TL;DR: if you don’t verify SSL certificates, don’t use SSL!
Getting help from network operators with channel issues when ops are away In case you wish network operators to help you when your channel operators are away, please authorize them to do so. You can do this simply by command /msg ChanServ flags #channel $oper +vhoirtAe. Note that this assumes that your network uses Atheme with exttarget $oper loaded.
Channels & Hostmask groups: A basic Howto @Annwenn got me opering at her network after long pause with my opering. She also named this blogpost and requested me to write this and I don’t have any better place where to put this, but I am starting with other talk before getting to the subject.


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