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Fairbuds XL configuration

I have the misnamed XL and while it’s clear, even with factory reset by pushing the joystick to the right until it says “factory reset complete”, but the studio eq may not be so clear.

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Dezponia’s studio EQ

Shamelessly copied from Matrix.


My settings for Studio so far is 60hz+0db, 230hz+2db, 1.1khz+0db, 4khz+5db, 10khz+4db. I think the some people may prefer +/- a db or two on the 4khz and 10khz levels depending on their taste and “head related transfer function” (rabbit hole, not worth digging into). I could go for one more db on those myself since I tend to prefer that BUT that can also lead to some sharpness for my ears on some tracks. This is a better comfortable level for me. Also those settings don’t assume the Fairbuds XL are flat because they’re not, instead these settings aim to “correct” the issues I feel they have with the tools given in the app without being silly. :)

In clearer words, in the app drag the four sliders to

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